April 08, 2016

Golden Deeds Award Winner Chosen

The 2016 Golden Deeds nominations are in and the winner has been chosen!  The 2016 Golden Deeds recipient is Helen Tonkin from Fremont, Ohio.  Helen is a member of the Fremont Exchange Club and will be presented with this prestigieous award at the Golden Deeds Banquet to be held on May 5th at the Fremont County Club.


Deadline date for RSVP is April 25.  Country club wishes to know 7-10 days prior to the event how many people we will have for the purpose of ordering the food for this function.


Mr. Harvey J. Steele, local radio personality will be our guest speaker. 

April 08, 2016

2016 A.C.E Award Recipient Named

Mackezie Burgei was awarded our 2016 A.C.E Award. She has had a very interesting if not difficult life so far. However, she has not let this get into her way as far as her education is concerned. In her Freshman year she had all "Fs". This was partially due to her personal background. However, currently she is holding straight "As". She said she is holding perfect attendance in school as she has never missed a day of school during her whole school career. She plans on making the world a better place, she plans on helping homeless people. Since she was 13 she enjoyed going to church and helping and feeding the homeless. In 2015 she had the opportunity to go to Chicago and volunteer at the Chicago women's shelter. There she helped and says she had her eyes opened to the need. She values becoming a better person and hopes to go to more school and continuing to help people.

April 01, 2016

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

April is ‪‎Child Abuse Prevention Month‬. In honor of this important social issue - which is also Exchange's National Project we are encouraging all Exchange Clubs, Districts, and members to change their profile pictures to an image that promotes awareness. Please feel free to use this image.  Also every monday in April is "Blue Monday"  Wear your blue clothing to show your support for child abuse prevention.


What We Can Do to Help,  Bring your donation items to our Meetings

From now till May 13, 2016, we will be collecting donations for the CAP (Child Abuse Prevention) Center.  These items will be donated on behalf of our local club at the Ohio/West Virginia District Convention, May 20-21, 2106.  Items requested and on the wish list: home safety items, child proofing electrical outlets, drawer stops, baby gates, diapers, office supplies, stamps, file folders, paper, chair floor mats, gas cards and of course money. 


Child Abuse Prevention became the National Project of Exchange Clubs in 1979. Since that time, Exchange Clubs across the nation have become involved in child abuse prevention efforts in a variety of ways. Some of their many projects include establishing Exchange Club Child Abuse Prevention Centers and supporting affiliate programs (agencies providing child abuse prevention services but not complying with the program or organizational requirements for an Exchange Club Center).

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