Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Award


I would like to nominate Sgt. Anthony Emrich as the Law Enforcement Officer of the Year. Sgt. Emrich has shown outstanding leadership in 2017, during events that occurred in Fremont and in Sandusky County. His roles in the following events have made the Fremont Police Department even better. 

On July 16; 2017, two inmates escaped from the Sandusky County Jail At the time, I was in a meeting at City Hall and was notified. The Fremont Police Department and the Sandusky County Sheriff's Office do not have each other's radio frequencies and were unable to communicate. As I was meeting with Sheriff Hilton, I heard over our radio frequency Sgt. Emrich taking responsibility for establishing a perimeter. I arrived at Sgt. Emrich's location and found that he had established a command post and had a map of the area, including posts where he placed Officers and Deputies. Sgt. Emrich began executing a plan and had a plan to contact other resources. Sgt. Emrich took the initiative to lead this complex operation without any prompting. The inmates were not captured on this day, however, it was not because of Sgt. Emrich's planning. Sgt. Emrich's effort was not for a thank you, but for the safety of Sandusky County. 

On July 30; 2017, Officers were dispatched to the bike trail bridge in reference to a distraught and suicidal juvenile who climbed the fence and was threatening to jump. Sgt. Emrich again took the lead by speaking with the juvenile and eventually persuading her to return to safety. My son, Brenton, happened to be on the bike trail prior to Sgt. Emrich's arrival and witnessed the entire incident. Brenton was obviously upset for the juvenile, but was so proud of Sgt. Emrich and the Police Department. Brenton said "Dad he really cared and told the juvenile that he was there for him/her and that he loved him/her and you know what, I believe him." 

On August 3, 2017, I had the unfortunate task making a death notification of a Fremont Police employee's family member. Sgt. Emrich was made aware of what had occurred by another employee. Capt. Conger was on vacation out of State and Sgt. Emrich knew that I was tied up notifying other family members and being with the family. I called the Police Department knowing that adjustments would need to be made on our schedule to cover manpower requirements. I spoke with Sgt. Emrich by telephone and he responded that all of the  department's needs were already covered and "I got this, just take care of the family."

It is leadership and compassion that Sgt. Emrich has displayed that makes us a better department. He is a great role model for our department and is  certainly an asset to our community. I am requesting that he be selected for this award.

Police Chief, Dean Bliss.

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FPD Sgt. Anthony Emrich

2018 Law Enforcement of the Year 

Award Recipient

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