America's Oldest Service Club

The National Exchange Club History

Charles A. Berkey is credited with the founding of this great organization. At his suggestion, the name “Exchange” was selected because the group wanted to exchange ideas and information with like-minded individuals about how to better serve their communities. The first local Exchange Club was formed in Detroit, Michigan, in 1911. The second was the Exchange Club of Toledo, Ohio, formed in 1913. Subsequently, two others were organized in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Cleveland, Ohio. These four clubs were the first to be chartered by The National Exchange Club after it was organized as a nonprofit, educational organization in 1917. Exchange Clubs sponsor activities under the organization’s Programs of Service – Americanism, Youth Programs and Community Service – as well as its National Project, the prevention of child abuse. Each year, communities benefit from the promotion
of pride in our great country, college scholarships, youth mentoring, service to the underprivileged, and other services tailored to serve the needs of its citizens. In addition to these programs, The National Exchange Club has been at the forefront of significant developments in American history, including the early days of aviation progress. The spirit of patriotism, along with a desire to heighten awareness of our rich religious heritage, placed Exchange in a position of leadership with other organizations that led to the addition of the words “Under God” to the Pledge of Allegiance in 1954 -
From a handful of members in Detroit, Michigan, at the turn of the 20th century, Exchange has developed into a progressive national service organization comprised of tens of thousands of dedicated men and women serving their local communities and advancing the motto of “Unity for Service.”Exchange is “America’s Service Club”. From the organization’s earliest days, Exchange Clubs have been unselfishly serving their communities and improving the quality of life. The diverse array of Exchange-sponsored programs and projects has made a considerable impact on America, enhancing the lives of countless men, women and children across the nation.Exchange’s National Headquarters is located in Toledo, Ohio, where the staff’s primary objective is to help Exchange Clubs realize their full potential of community service.
Fremont Exchange Meetings

We meet as a club every Friday at 1145am at the Fremont Eagles Club 2570 West State St.  Our meetings last until close to1pm so people can get back to work.  We are a service club of Fremont, Ohio.  Our national headquarters is in Toledo, Ohio.  We entertain all new members.  Simply contact us with your interest and we will get back to you with more information about our club.  Thank you for checking us out. 

Fremont Exchange Membership

The prospective member is sponsored to the Board of Directors by a current member. Upon approval by the Board,  the prospective member's name is presented to the entire membership for approval.  There is a $25.00 initiation fee upon joining the Exchange Club. Each new member receives an Exchange Club pin, Certificate of Membership, Exchange Club T-Shirt at induction at a regular meeting. Members are billed $38.50 for quarterly dues and accumulative luncheon meal charges. $7.00 each.